West Rocky

Relative to the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park, the west side receives far fewer visitors.  However, that's due only to its more remote location, for west Rocky certainly contains a wealth of magnificent lakes, peaks, and rivers, and it's also home to abundant wildlife.  Those seeking to see a moose know that spending mornings and late afternoons along the road in the verdant Kawuneeche Valley will more often than not lead to a sighting or two.  Wildlife watchers will find that elk also love this area, often amassing in great herds as they munch away on the lush grass and quench their thirst in the gentle beginnings of the Colorado River.  Hikers have a panoply of trails from which to choose, and the Never Summer Mountains await those who want to try their luck in scaling these rugged pinnacles.  When the day's adventures are complete, head in to the boardwalked village of Grand Lake, grab an ice cream cone, and sit upon the shore of Grand Lake itself as the sun bids a warm farewell.