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This second book in the "Landscape Photographer's Guide" series introduces you to the world of landscape photography. It is accessible, engaging and filled with beautiful illustrative photography.

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Getting Started in Landscape Photography is a book designed for anyone who wants to explore the world of landscape photography, either as a casual hobby or as a more serious endeavor. In this book, Erik Stensland makes this unique art accessible to all. Avoiding almost all technical language and undermining the idea that it is only a rich-man's hobby, Erik presents an easy to understand introduction to landscape photography. He covers all the basics necessary to get you started on the road to creating beautiful photos.

Although this book is written for the beginner, it can also be a good refresher course for those who want to brush up on the essentials. It covers topics such as equipment, composition, lighting, subject matter, and post-processing. It is filled with practical suggestions on how to best approach each of these areas.

Getting Started in Landscape Photography contains 79 pages of clear and helpful information as well as over 90 high resolution images which beautifully illustrate the various concepts covered in the book. This e-book is in a pdf file format that can be read on tablets or personal computers. When you purchase it, you will receive links for both a high resolution version and a low resolution version. Every once in a while, I'll e-mail you a link to an updated version of the book with corrections or new information.

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 Comments from Users:

"Well written, beautifully designed and illustrated with some wonderful Colorado images" - The Photographer's Ephemeris

"Super illustration photographs" - Randy

"Your e-book "Getting Started in Landscape Photography" was so inspirational. Besides the incredibly crisp and colorful photographs, I loved the sections on light, composition and special subjects. By reading and re-reading the book, you made me believe that I can take the same fabulous shots and even help with camera settings. You touched on every aspect of landscape photography and made it easy to understand. I would like to see more in-depth information, but I realize this is the getting started edition.  I've added your e-book to my laptop so I can take it with me on my photography trips and look up information as I go. Hurry and do another book with more information!" - Diane


Special Note for iPad Users: 
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If you have any trouble opening the zip files, just contact me through the contact page of this website and I'll send you a link to the unzipped files. For some unknown reason a few people have had trouble with them. 

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