Wild Basin Area

Let's face it: there's no area in Rocky Mountain National Park that lacks in photogenic quality.  But the Wild Basin area seems to have more of it per square inch than anywhere else in the Park.  Enos Mills, considered to be the "father of Rocky Mountain National Park", originally dubbed it the "land of many waters", and the title isn't undeserved.  Cascades and waterfalls, streams and rivers, lakes and tarns abound in this enchanted wilderness.  Families love making the trek up to Calypso Cascades and Ouzel Falls.  Fishermen put in the miles to get to Thunder Lake, a tranquil location beneath impressive, craggy peaks.  Bluebird Lake is stunning and puts on quite the wildflower display from July to early August.  There are simply too many phenomenal locations to name, so if you want to become better acquainted with this precious jewel, you'll just have to explore it yourself!