What do I love?

September 23, 2019

Day after day and year after year I post images of our incredible natural world. I celebrate its beauty and its power to lead us into healing and wholeness. Yet if I limit myself to merely posting photos while watching silently as our environment is swallowed up for the sake of "the economy" then perhaps my love of nature is only an illusion. If I put my comfort and my desire for others to think well of me above the protection of our wild lands and creatures which have no voice, above clean air and water, above the preservation of our few remaining wild areas, then I am a hypocrite. If my actions in what I purchase, how I run my business, how I cast my vote, how I live my life don't seriously take consideration for their impact on the wild world then all my words are meaningless.

Fleeting Wonder

We all tend to live our lives focused on ourselves and our own daily activities with little thought for what lies just beyond us. We assume that this is someone else's job, that professionals and politicians will take care of it. It's therefore no wonder that nearly a dozens of species are going extinct each day, that we have a trash pile double the size of the state of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean, that the funding for our national parks and natural lands is constantly being siphoned away while protections are being dismantled daily to allow for greater exploitation, etc., etc.. We turn a blind eye so that we can live peaceful lives, each of us pretending to be ignorant of the rape taking place on our watch. I have to ask myself daily and so do you, "Do I really love the natural world like I say I do?" If so, then what am I doing about all this?

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