Upper Trail Ridge Road

One of the wonderful traits of Rocky Mountain National Park is that a good deal of its magnificence is accessible to all, and this is due in large part to Trail Ridge Road.  Trail Ridge is the highest continuous paved road in North America, topping out at a staggering 12,183 ft.  Its twists and turns combine with sheer drop-offs unprotected by guardrails, and this fact can make some a little queasy at the thought of making the drive to the top.  Yet it is a very safe and well-maintained road, and the views that await motorists, cyclists, runners, and hikers alike are spectacular.  From its heights one can take in dramatic views of Longs Peak, the Never Summer range, and the beautiful Gorge Lakes among other lovely scenes.  For those wanting to stretch their legs, there are a fair number of good hiking trails such as the Ute Trail that let you experience the treat of hiking above treeline.  Trail Ridge Road is one of the crowning achievements of the National Park Service and is not to be missed.